• Orders worth more than €200  receive FREE shipping worldwide!
• Shipping cost for orders worth less than €200 is €8 per parcel.
• We will ship your order via airmail and inform you via PM of your tracking number.
• The order status information can be found in your personal account in the shop.
• Where to look for my tracking number:

• Please check it yourself. In case of an error please contact us ASAP.
• You can see the location and status of the shipped item at your convenience by using links below.
(Please be patient! It may take 1-2 days for the tracking number to appear.) 

IMPORTANT: Per request of my PayPal agent all paid orders have to be shipped
to the address indicated in your PayPal account not the one you registered in our online store.
Please make sure to double check your addresses and make corrections if needed!
Thank you.

Use these links (images are clickable):
Tracking in Ukraine beginning: 



• You may also ask questions via the contact form or email: (is not my Paypal account !!!)
Thank you for your understanding!