«LUCKY» Mechanical Mod [FULL titanium] Maximize

«LUCKY» Mechanical Mod [FULL titanium]

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Battery mod is made of high quality titanium, resistant to wear and scratches, eco-friendly product, high-quality processing. Small weight. 

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- Designed for 18650 batteries (flat or button top)
- No-spring design ensures minimal loss of voltage
- Battery polarity and over drainage protection circuitry
- Self-adjusting positive pin on circuitry
- Side mechanical switch / MOSFET
- Switch diameter: 5mm
- Additional higher profile switch is included
- Non-control chip mounting
- Minimum resistance value: 0.3Ω or more

batteries are inserted positive side down!
Use of batteries without external insulation is hazardous and prohibited!!

Technical data:

Material: titanium
Diameter: 22 mm
Height : 76 mm 
Weight (without a battery) : 41 gr
Switch diameter: 5mm

Finish: satin 


Mechanical Mod «LUCKY» 18650 [FULL titanium] - 1 piece
Additional higher profile switch - 1 piece

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Replacement Chip for "LUCKY" Mechanical Mod

Note: Battery mod «LUCKY» is often presented in photos with atomizers, drips, batteries, other battery mods, etc for better context. These items are not included with purchase.

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