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Atomizer is made of high quality titanium, resistant to wear and scratches, eco-friendly product, high-quality processing. Small weight. Good liquid holding capacity. Versatility - the atomizer can be used on various battery mods. Excellent taste, Vapor and throat hit are also excellent.

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 This product will be shipped the 10 business days after your payment is received!

You will most likely need to cut your nicotine level!
Easy to use: fast setup with your hands, fully repairable even the 510 connection.
Drip tip: accepts all kinds of drip tips.
This atomizer produces strong throat hit! Most people who already own and use it have reported lowering their nicotine level due to stronger throat hit compared to other atomizers. 

"LIBERTY" – is freedom from smoking
"LIBERTY" – is perfect vaping
"LIBERTY" – is minimal weight
"LIBERTY" – is absolute control of e-juice delivery
"LIBERTY" – allows wet or dry vapor. Choice is yours.
"LIBERTY" – works with any wick type of your choice (cotton, ceramic, mesh)
"LIBERTY" – can be setup to any coil resistance you want
"LIBERTY" – is perfect harmony with any 22mm battery mod
"LIBERTY" – allows convenient and fast refilling
"LIBERTY" – produces amount and flavor of the vapor comparable to dripping atomizers
"LIBERTY" – is compact device with good e-juice capacity
"LIBERTY" – is truly customizable device
"LIBERTY" – provides for fast and convenient setup

Technical data:

Material: titanium.
Diameter - 22 mm.
Height (without connector and drip tip): 32 mm. 
visually perceived part - 28 mm.
the volume  3.3 - 3.5 ml.
Air holes diameter - 2.0 mm.
Diameter holes wick- 3.5mm
Diameter of the filling hole - 3.5 mm
Weight - 21 gr.


- atomizer «LIBERTY» [FULL titanium] - 1 piece
titanium drip tip «Little»  - 1 piece
- additional  window (Color: Clear) - 1 piece

go to the tab "Accessories"

Replacement Kit
Replacement windows 
titanium drip tips "Cubuc", "Fun" etc.

Note: atomizer «LIBERTY» is often presented in photos with atomizers, drips, batteries, other battery mods, etc for better context. These items are not included with purchase

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