«PHOENIX» 18500 [FULL titanium] Maximize

«PHOENIX» 18500 [FULL titanium]

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Battery mod is made of high quality titanium, resistant to wear and scratches, eco-friendly product, high-quality processing. Small weight. 

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- magnetic button
- switch with ball bearing
- button will not bend or get stuck
- button works by pressing from any angle
- wide button locking ring
- protection form accidental firing on the button
- button has a brass contact
- venting hole for your protection
- handy adjustable positive contact to match any atomizer
- high conductivity ProVape spring
- spring adjustment to match batteries from various vendors
- works with all types of batteries
- tube sizes: 18350, 18490, 18650
- battery energy transfer without any intermediate losses
- excellent conductivity
- soft action of the button with minimal push
- lightweight

Technical data:

Material: titanium
Diameter: 22 mm
Height with 18350 tube: 61 mm including button
Weight with 18350 tube and without a battery: 38 gr
Connector: 510. 
Tube has satin finish
can be used in several setups:
- 18350 battery (length is 61 mm, requires 18350 tube)
- 18350 battery with Kick (length is 76 mm, requires 18650 tube)
- 18490 battery (length is 76 mm, requires 18500 tube)
- 18500 battery (length is 76 mm, requires 18500 tube)
- 18500 battery with Kick (length is 91 mm, requires 18650 tube)
- 18650 battery (length is 91 mm, requires 18650 tube)


Battery mod «PHOENIX» [FULL titanium] 18350 tube - 1 piece

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18350 tube 
18650 tube 

Note: Battery mod «PHOENIX» is often presented in photos with atomizers, drips, batteries, other battery mods, etc for better context. These items are not included with purchase.

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