We are happy to see you in our store

We are happy to see you in our store

Payment " PayPal " only

Dear buyer, 

Our group is called 'Modders Group from Ukraine'.
We are all united by the passion of vaping
and desire to produce better devices.

Webstore " Titanium mods from Ukraine " is our official trading platform.
We own exclusive rights to all our devices.
Please be assured that when buying from our webstore
you are getting genuine product directly from our makers.


PayPal is not working in Ukraine for receiving payments. 
The only legitimate solution to this problem 
is to use the services of intermediary firms. 
Payments are accepted from all PayPal accounts worldwide. 
Prices of goods in the store are inclusive of all fees and commissions
PayPal and intermediary firms impose. 
All fees, commissions, taxes paid by the seller.

Rules of our store, please look here: Rules of Relationship
Please be sure to read how to order : How to Order
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How Pre-order works, please look here: How Pre-order works


• You may also ask questions via the contact form or email: (is not my Paypal account !!!)
• Facebook group: "Titanium mods from Ukraine"
• Topic on the forum: "Titanium mods from Ukraine"
• Referral Link for quick activation in our forum:
"UK Vapers"

Thank you for your attention!

" Our devices are as reliable as the Kalashnikov gun! "